I got into a conversation about identity and someone there asked me what my opinion was.  This in itself is not out of the ordinary; I’m a guy with an opinion so it’s usually pretty safe to ask me my opinion on something and expect to get an answer.  If I don’t have an opinion previously formed, I’ll ask some questions and form one in about ten minutes.  (I try not to do this, it’s usually a bad opinion when I do, but there you go.)

What was out of the ordinary here, was that this person did not ask me to contribute to the conversation because he was curious about what I thought, he was curious because he knew I sat around thinking about the question of Christian Identity.  “No I don’t” I said.  “Dude, don’t you read your own blog?” he replied… The conversation may not have been quite like that but that’s how it went in my head.

So I did a quick search on “identity” on my blog this morning and was kind of surprised that in two years I have written quite a lot about Identity.   These are not all the posts in that list, but it sure is most of them.  And they are listed in order of oldest to newest so you can sort of follow the progression of thought.

Now again, there is a great deal of stuff on this blog that directly or indirectly talks about building and developing the Christian identity, and you are more than welcome to dig through the archives to find something, but these are the highlights.