This blog has had many incarnations over the last seven or eight years.  It has been a place where I could flex my intellectual muscles, a place where I could share ideas on faith and spirituality.  I have posted short stories and poetry, as well as countless other art.  I have posted opinions about social justice and current events.

It has basically been all over the place over the years and if you were to ask me, “Sage, what on earth is your blog about” I would be forced to finally realize the truth: it is a place where the dreamer talks about paradise.

That means a lot of things.  Yes I’ll post about faith and spirituality, those things are very important to who I am.

I’ll continue to publish my poetry here because I love poetry and I think the world is a sad and dark place without it.

I’ll post about current events because I do not live in paradise, I just dream about it and it does not make sense to talk only about what can be in the light of the fact that it is clearly not.

I hope you’ll join me.  I hope you can see the dream that men and women have been seeing for thousands of years.  And I hope we can work together to make the dream come true.