This poem was written for the Whisky Words project was originally published March 3, 2018.  You can read about the project here or see the original post here


I have personally seen the face of Evil
Only once in my life.

Only once in my life has it
Been so bold as to show me it’s face.
Usually it works very hard to hide
To make sure people are so focused on the work
That we can’t see it.
But I have seen the face of evil.

I was seven.
I lay sprawled out at the bottom
Of a long flight of stairs
Where I had

There was absolute silence
Absolute stillness

I’m not sure that either has been broken yet.

Finally I looked up at the boy
At the top of the stairs
And all I could see was the face of evil
Etched on the backs of the heads
Of my classmates walking away.