This is part of the Bible Poetry project.  You can click here to see the synopsis of the project.

I’ve waited so long in the deafening darkness
in the lonely abyss of the blinding silence.
I’ve waited so long without company
or surety you hear me or see me
the only things near me are




and devastation

My depression leaves an impression
Where it holds me as it rocks my soul to sleep.
My heart is dry my blood is seeping
From my eyes like tears because I can’t weep
anymore. I wonder if death’s sting would be
more like a caress
a promise of rest
and end to this endless
suffering and torment.
I trusted you.
I’ve hoped in you.
I’ve fought and bled for you
And bled
And bled and bled for you.
And I can’t believe
after all I’ve seen
that You’d abandon me
to your enemies.
But I’ve nothing left except to sleep
to dream
to die
and I

I guess I’m just waiting
for you in the meantime.