This is part of the Bible Poetry project.  You can click here to see the synopsis of the project.

I begin psalms of praise with Psalm 8.  In general I think of praise as being upbeat and joyful.  It is the kind of music you play at weddings, and bachelor parties and that you might see on the club scene in general.

My musical inspirations for approaching the psalms of praise were what I considered club music.  These included Prince’s 1999, The Black Eyed Pea’s I Gotta Feeling, and Pitbull’s Timber.  The desire is to present the pslam in a scenario in which the listener’s natural reaction is to dance.

It is my opinion that psalms of praise were always meant to be sound tracks to dances.  This much the Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) scene would appear to have gotten right as many artists lean heavily on lyrics from pslams of praise to anchor their own worship music.  Music which can be fulfilling and full of energy, but music that still does not always present the psalms in such a way that a modern reader would see them for what they are because the reader is overly focused on the content.

To put it another way, the beauty and the poetry of the psalms are lost in a theological understanding of them especially when it comes to psalms of praise.

So imagine a club scene.  The lights are low, the bass is thumping in your bones, lights are flashing all kinds of colors all over the place, and the DJ puts on one of your favorite beats.

I gotta feeling, that tonight’s gonna be a good night/  That tonight’s gonna be a good good night.