This is part of the Bible Poetry project.  You can click here to see the synopsis of the project.

My eyes alight on starry skies
Shinning bright, lighting up lives
In darkest night
And hardest fight
Where the only voices of truth and glory
Come form children’s songs and stories.
The children live across the world
They’re given the strength of this word
That they are favorites and love
Blessed and beloved
Of the God who sees iniquities
The creator who created me
Who made every thing
Every kind and ring
Of roses and daisies.
Isn’t it Crazy?
That the King of kings
And the Lord of Glory
Would speak someone like me into the story
Of heaven and hell and majesty
Of birds of the sky and fish of the sea
Of everything you see and might be
Every cow goat and sheep?
Don’t you see?
Don’t you see?
That’s the Creator who created me
Do you understand now his love for me
His right to be
The one and only
The highest and mightiest
Lord of Majesty?

That this is the Creator who created me?