I remember a day or two
Or two dozen perhaps
When getting out of bed was just hard.
I was staying up late playing games
A 3am bedtime makes 8am seem a
Bit too early
Especially when you’re 16.
Games, books, talking with friends,
With boyfriends
8am was too early.

So I’m going to roll over now
Close my eyes
And go back to sleep
Just like I’m 16 again.
Like I’m just too tired
Like I was up too late
Like I’m not hiding tears welling up from the depths of my soul
Like my heart is where it belongs instead of in a grave
Like my being isn’t empty and hollowed out.
I’m going back to bed like I’m 16 and tired
Instead of 30 and ashamed.
I’m going back to bed.
I can’t face the sunlight today.