Can you see me?
Can you see my sins
Splattered across my face
And arms and back?
Crimson red
Scarlet blood coats me.

You see how I have stolen from you
Your job
Your welfare
Your taxes.
You see my laziness and treachery
And tell me as much
With every lash of your tongue.
I am the child of immigrants
And my skin is too dark to be clean.

You see my arrogance, my pride
My disdain for a simple life
And you point to my degree as proof.
You point at my words as proof
That I must be hiding some dangerous secret
Some dangerous thought.
You attack me with my own diplomas.

Do you see me though?
Do you see my face
And neck and arms
And back and shoulders
Covered in blood stains?

Come, let us reason together
For these stains are not my sins
But the evidence of your sins against me.
Come, let us reason together
I don’t care about the stains.