NOTE: The following is a prayer that a friend of mine and UMC pastor posted on Facebook shortly after events in Charlottesville VA on 8/12/2017.  It is meant as a corporate, liturgical prayer.  It is posted with permission of the author.

For the ways in which I have benefited from the oppression and dehumanization of others,
Lord forgive and cleanse me.

For the times I have been silent in the face of blatant and subtle racism,
Lord forgive and embolden me.

For the way, even now, I struggle to hear and understand how your voice is calling me to act in the face of ongoing hate and discrimination,
Lord forgive and guide me.

For the way racist, sexist, classist, and other stereotypes have unconsciously interfered with my ability to see and treat people as your equal, beloved children,
Lord forgive and free me.

Lord, in your mercy, hear my prayer.

For your beautiful, rainbow children around the globe I give you thanks and pray for your shalom.