I imagine how I would answer the question
“Tell me about yourself.”

I am a lover who,
having loved,
has lost,
has been spurned and seen love
and having loved
has been loved in return.

I am a dreamer
who dared to dream
beyond all realms of physical probability
and having now awoken
I cannot sleep
for fear that the world
will follow me to my dreams
and I will die.

I am a son of my mother and father
the brother to my sister
(though she often denies it)
I am a husband and father
a friend and in some cases
a beloved friend
and just as often I am he
whose name is never said
whose face is shunned and
whose shadow is unwelcome

I say all this and I know
despite this,
despite a year or more
of detailing my life to you,
you still don’t know me.

How’s that work for you?