The children laugh and play and act like children
Today the painted walls are bright.
The side of the building and
inside the building
are splattered a riotous
cacophony of color.
Just how the children like it
Today a pink sun rises
over a fluorescent ocean
while the Sunlight Faeries
play their daylight games.
Today is colorful and playful and
But tomorrow some of them will be too sick to play.
They will stay in bed and miss
the daylight games.
They trade them instead for
purple suns and deep blue flowers
painted by Twilight Faeries who
gather together and play their
much quieter
games by the light of the
dying sun.
night will eventually fall.
The games will end.
The home was too poor to save them.
The hospitals too afraid to treat them.
But there will always be plenty of kids on the playground.
Two dozen children or more
suffering under the scrutiny of New Leprosy
of 1976
all while Women in black and white hoods
lead by a Man with a black shirt and white collar
pray in a room they painted gray, black, and white.
They pray that enough people learned
enough compassion. That
enough children have their names written
on stone tablets
that there has been enough suffering.
They pray for a miracle.
But for whatever reason
they get a new Dormitory instead.
And for a while at least,
The Children get to play
the daylight games
of Daylight Faeries.