It is the beginning
The beginning of hatred
The beginning of loneliness
The beginning of fear
And suspicion

So we say

But they have always been there
Always simmered just under the surface
Just out of sight where we

Where I
Thought I could ignore it
I thought it would die there

And the hatred
The loneliness and fear I feel now
They felt it before
They felt it because I didn’t listen
Didn’t understand

I still don’t understand
I’m listening now (I don’t have a choice)
And I still don’t understand

So don’t let anyone say
“it began this day
Or that day”

It never “began”
It was always there
And I fear what it will do
With 60 plus years of hidden
Or not so hidden
Resentment built up
I fear what it will do
And I fear that we will
Not learn from it

I fear that it has always been there
And always will be

So once more unto the breach dear friends
once more
or else fill up this whole with our dead