The valley below me is full life.
The broad and fertile floor bears fruit
and milk and honey.
It is a wonderful, beautiful, place
overflowing with life.

But now the Sun hangs low in the sky,
or seems to
and some fools desperate to keep the light
built a wall atop the valley
to prop up the Sun.

Instead the Mountains
loom higher
and higher
and higher.
They block out the sun sooner.

The Builders, more eager and zealous to
hold up the Sun
whipped the valley dwellers,
the farmers and herdsmen and web designers
into a frenzy of fear.

“The Sun will go down and die.
We will be left to fade in darkness.
The valley will be destroyed and
the gates of hell will prevail upon us.”

The Other was exiled
beyond the southern gate
(aka “the gate of hell”)
and those who questioned were
arrested or executed or excommunicated.

And when the shadows of the mountains fell
across the broad valley floor
the fools began to tear each other apart.
They screamed, and wept and gnashed their teeth.
And I weep.

I weep from the crest of the valley.
Behind me I see the sun setting in a beautiful
array of gold and bronze.
I see the wonder of the first star of night
and the silvered blush of the moon.

And from where I am I know I will see the sunrise
before them.
But they did not believe me in the valley
and so they brought me up here
and crucified me.

The called me a liar, an insurrectionist
a rabble rouser and a danger to society.
They crucified me because I wept
at the sight of what my friends and family
were doing to one another.

From my place on the cross I see them
so hurt,
so afraid,
so lonely,
so afraid.

My children.
My sons and my daughters are down there
so hurt, lonely, afraid.
And I, nailed to my tree,
cry out to them. Beg them.

“See the Sun’s light.
See the moon’s light.
See the starlight
and hope in the memory of our people
that the Sun will rise again.”

“Please remember and hope
in the life of the Sun.”

“There is nothing to fear in the valley
of shadows!
Hear me, my people. Will you not hold to one another?
Will you not forgive one another?
Will you not love one another?”

“Please remember and hope
in the life of the Sun.”

“Please stop and let us mourn together
and comfort each other.
Let’s seek justice and mercy together
seek forgiveness and joy together
let us bless and restore and revive together.”

“Please remember and hope
in the life of the Sun.”

“Call back the exiles with welcome arms,
restore the lost and forgotten to their homes.
Call back the stranger and the other
and bless them with homes and gardens.

“Please remember and hope
in the life of the Sun.”