I stand by the only light in the hall
and remember a little boy
standing in the same spot
or at least one close to it.
Perhaps a different hall
with a different light
but the same scene.
Basically the same scene.
A little boy who dreamed
of marvelous grandeur
of unsurpassed glory.
A boy who aspired to take the stage
with men who are only remembered
in books as someone who once
did something some time ago.
A boy who dreamed of fighting dragons
and who had nightmares of losing.
Now here stands a man
in the same spot, though a bit different perhaps,
who wonders at his place in the world.
A man who dreams of fighting dragons
and has nightmares of winning.
A different person
a different dream
a different light
a different hall
and all of it exactly the same.


Note: If anyone knows the artist for the image here, please let me know so I can properly credit them.  Google search has this image on so many websites it’s kinda hard to figure out who the artist is.