Scripture: your will be done, on earth and it is in Heaven. ~Matthew 6:10

Theological Thought: The Jewish listeners of Jesus day would have taken this statement to be a prayer for the restoration of the Davidic line of Kings.  It was, after all, God’s will to put David on the throne, David had the covenant, and most of the prophecies regarding the Messiah, revolved around the restoration of the Jewish nation under a king who was descended from King David. As such it evoked an almost militant image of the triumphant King at the head of a triumphant Army.  It is the type of image that many Americans today, can easily relate to.

Reflection: I pray the Lord’s prayer over my children every night.  Mostly this is because I’m so tired at the end of the day that I can’t string together two coherent sentences let alone a sensible prayer.  Every night we get to this line and I ask myself “is God’s will being done in my life?”  Am I receiving and answering God’s will?  Is God’s will being done in my life, in my family, in my work place, and my home, and my church, and my community, and my county and my state?  All of that really begins with me and my life and the very day choices I make and I ask myself “did it happen today?”  Which of course led me to ask, “what is the will of God?” To which I reply, “to love the lord your God with all your heart and all your mind and all your soul and to love your neighbor as yourself.”  So really, every night as I reflect on the will of God and on doing it in my daily life, I’m asking myself “did I love like Christ today?”

Prayer: Lord, help me to love others as you love me.  Shower me in your love so that I can share it with everyone who comes into contact with me.

Practice: Pray about it, and very specifically express love to someone (in an appropriate way) by writing them a thank you note, or a love letter, or some kind of note to let them know that you appreciate them