I had a great conversation with my wife the other day in which we discussed patriotism.  Now between civil unrest spurred by #BlackLivesMatter, #NODAPL, and Kaepernick’s national anthem protest, “patriotism” is a word that has come to mean many things to many people.  While I originally imagined that patriotism meant carrying a certain pride for one’s country that came with a desire to defend it from verbal or literal assault, my wife made a great point.

She said “Your patriotism has changed from supporting what America is, to supporting what it can be.”

And I think that is true of many people today.  So I’ve rebranded my blog after nearly 8 years of completely clueless blogging to more accurately reflect what I believe and to more accurately reflect what I post.

However much of the content will be very similar to what it was before.  I’ll still post a lot about my faith and spirituality, because I believe that they represent normative values that are important to life and society.  I’ll still post my creative works because a life without art is dry and empty.  And I’ll still be eager to hear from everyone in the comments and I’ll be just as eager to reply to every comment that comes in.

I hope you’ll join me in dreaming of paradise.