I have a set of advent candles I save for
occasions; you know like Advent.
My children asked me why they were special.
I said “because of their names.
“This one is Hope;
this one Grace;
this one Joy;
this one Peace.”
Then my children asked me why the candles were all girls.
I let that one slide.
They didn’t ask what the fifth candle was called.
Recently, I looked up
from my desk and saw darkness
It was so thick.
It was so dark.
And everyone was so afraid.
My children cried and clung to me.
They wept such bitter tears
never understanding why.
So I took out our advent candles and lit them
saying to my children as I did:
“I light Peace so that the light of Peace
can wash away the fear.
I light Joy so that the light of Joy
can give us cause to celebrate.
I light Grace so that the light of Grace
can bring us all together again.
And I light hope
with the hope
we can forgive, be forgiven,
and that darkness will reign no more.”
And then I lit the fifth candle.