On Friday too many people died

at the hands of an organization.

On Sunday we saw the planes of war

bring retaliation.

On Monday hundreds were arrested

ambushed by police in their homes.

On Thursday all the foreigners were told

“You’ve no place here anymore.”



I think I’ve seen this movie before.

Where a bombing, shooting, murder

cuts to a funny little Frenchman

with a funny little mustache

proudly boasting

“We’re rounding up twice the usual number of suspects.”

All the while knowing that they were not

the spies he was looking for.

Yes I’ve seen this movie where

everyone is required to wear yellow stickers

then yellow stickers become illegal.

I recall a movie in which

everyone was told to paint their windows

and everyone else was told to break painted windows.

I recall a scene where

everyone was told “it’s ok to be different”

then all of a sudden it wasn’t.

In another movie

there were families who were told they could not be trusted

because they or their father or their grand father

or their great grandfather

was from out of town.

So all the different families,

all the out of towners,

all the sticker wearers

and window painters

were all shipped off to ….

“Special housing.”

“Relocation facilities.”

“Temporary relocation camps.”


Then I recall seeing a lamp set high beside a golden door

taken down and replace with a sign that read

“No Vacancies.”

And I cried.

I wept.

I weep.

Because neither then, nor now

is a silver screen to be found.