An excerpt from We, The Resistance.

What is the Kingdom of God?  What am I talking about when I talk about The Kingdom?  George Eldon Ladd, a theologian who was way smarter than I am proclaims the Kingdom in his book The Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

The Kingdom of God is, first and foremost the rule and reign of God.

Is it a place?  Yes, there is a physical reality in which we will one day see the Kingdom of God in this world when Jesus comes again and every enemy is put beneath his feet (1 Cor 15:25) and is conquered.  There is a place, a new paradise that awaits for us in the future in which there will be no more sickness, no pain or suffering, and we will rejoice in the new Eden.

That place is not physically present yet, but the Kingdom is at hand, even in this time of darkness and evil, the Kingdom of God is at hand.  It is literally within arm’s reach of our present circumstances and we have been promised the opportunity to enter into it even in this darkness, because the kingdom of God is our Lord’s rule and reign – it is His power and His authority and His right to rule.  Even more than it is the exercise of that authority or the establishment of some kind of institution to be an instrument of his authority, the right to authority is His.  The Lord’s Prayer might be better read “for yours is the AUTHORITY, the power and the glory forever.”  I say this not because it is more accurate to replace Kingdom with authority, but so that we might better understand it.  Because if the Kingdom is plainly discussed as God’s authority, then we can enter into the Kingdom today and we have access today because the fullness of the Kingdom has reached back from that future time into this present darkness to give us hope, life and joy…

To be clear: The Kingdom of God is about the complete and fully realized relationship between God and His people.  It is about humbling ourselves and submitting ourselves to His authority AS INDIVIDUALS.  The Kingdom of God is the will, the authority of God, and the individual’s response to it.  Don’t ask “What will happen to America if we don’t submit to God?”  That is the wrong question in the Kingdom.  Ask instead “have I submitted to God?  Have I obeyed him in my quiet time, in my family, at my work place, in my neighborhood?”  If the Kingdom is anything, it is pro-people, so let us concern ourselves with people and not issues or institutions.  We must also realize that no matter how much we ask the right questions, and no matter how much we seek God in this matter, the Kingdom is still only partially realized and we cannot know when it will come to its fullness.