I went to a …. Let’s call it an event with a Christocentric world view.  How’s that for ambiguous?  Technically I would call it a worship concert I suppose.  There were a number of musical artists who were worship leaders playing music that glorified God.  I’m going to be deliberately obtuse here because there are good people with good hearts involved with the event and I don’t want to malign them, but I DO want to talk about a key issue I had with the event.

Bad theology.

Now this is my big issue.  There was so much bad theology at this event it made me want to scream.  The wife had to tell me to just shut up, or else to sit back and meditate through it because she could tell I wasn’t happy about what I was hearing.  Most of what upset me can be summarized by the focus on the local church.  Yes the local church is good and worthwhile and yes believers need to join together in the local church.  But everything I heard at this concert/worship service highlighted everything I’ve been complaining about for the last couple of weeks.  (Read my post on the Conqueror’s Bible for more info)

Some of the things I heard

  • Join the local church and change the world
  • If a million people from a million churches joined together what a difference we could make
  • Do you know realize the power in the local church?
  • Today we’re going to start to change the world
  • Wouldn’t you love to see this many believers joined together in your backyard?
  • If you want to see a movement like this in your backyard hang out afterwards.

da-churchAll of this assumes something that is so horribly incorrect that I honestly cannot believe that it is still present.  All of this assumes that We, The People of these United States of America, are more powerful than Christ, the Father or the Holy Spirit.  After this event I wasn’t sure if we were talking about the Local Church,fighters from the revolutionary war, or the Power Rangers. That’s the message this event left me with.

“If you join the church, if you pull the right levers and push the right buttons WE will change the world.”

“The power of the church will flow out into the streets.”

“If you will work with us then we will see the Kingdom of Heaven realized!”

Jesus Died for the world.  I did not.  Jesus conquered the grave.  I did not.  Jesus ascended to heaven and sits at the right hand of the Father.  I did not and I do not.  The Lord’s prayer states “for THINE [the Lord God] is the Kingdom and the power and glory.”  Not me.

The kingdom of god is not realized in the power and ability of people who attend church. The Kingdom of god is realized in the person of God and the glory of Jesus Christ.

Solus Christus

Sola Gratia

Sola Scriptura

Sola  fide

Soli Deo gloria