I think that the Confederate Battle flag should not be displayed anywhere unless it is in a glass case in a museum.  See part 1 for more information on the practical side of things.

This part 2 of why I am in favor of lowering the CBF is focused on my own Christian values, and is meant for anyone who agrees with those values.

As I mentioned in part 1, the CBF has been appropriated (rightly or wrongly) by those who see it as a rallying point of ethnic violence and I believe that any symbol used to such an end should not be publicly displayed, whether it is the CBF or some other symbol.

That being said, most symbols used in ethnic violence can have meaning beyond the violence.  The standard that Christians marched under during the Crusades is known today as “the Jerusalem Cross.”  They symbolism behind the image is two-fold: the five stigmata (lashes, hands, feet, head, side) and the propagation of the gospel to the “four corners of the world.”  Yet, if it were ever used in violence against Muslims or Jews I would be among the first to disown the symbol, not because I believe the meaning has changed, but because I don’t want other believers misunderstanding the message.

Romans 14 talks about food sacrificed to idols.  Paul basically says “who cares? Food is food and idols are just dumb pieces of wood anyways.”  But he doesn’t end it there.  He considers the question “what about the person to whom it is a big deal?”

Paul answers “if because of food, your brother is grieved, you are no longer living according to love.  Do not destroy by your food, that person from whom Christ died.”

Look at that quote and replace “food” with “symbol” or “flag.”  I wonder, who was it that flew the flag which caused the SC shooter to trip up?  Was it someone who agreed with his white supremacy agenda, or was it someone shouting “heritage not hate”?

Paul continues “it is good to not eat or drink or do ANYTHING [emphasis added] by which your brother stumbles or is offended or is weakened.”

Instead of arguing selfishly about my rights, or your rights, Let’s talk about how we can encourage one another to live more Godly lives.  Let’s talk about how we can love one another better.  Let’s talk about things we can do to make life better.  Is that really so much to ask?