All right Christian, here’s a tough question for you.

I hear you talking about the last revival. I hear you talking about Toronto Blessing, Brownstone, that one down in Florida I can never remember the name of, I know you had a powerful experience there and it was meaningful and important for you and you want everyone to know that. I understand that it was a big deal, that things changed, and that you look around now and you see people who need the powerful moment, that powerful interaction with God that comes from Revival. I get that.

But what happens if revival never comes?

Let’s ignore all my personal little pet peeves about how people seem to be pursing revival at the expense of the God who brings it. If this country needs revival, if people all around us need revival, what happens if revival never comes?

Now I suppose you might say to yourself “That’s a stupid rhetorical question, God would never leave so many people out in the cold like that!”   I’m not so sure to be honest. I think that so long as we are pursuing revival, as long as we think “well if we just pray enough or if we worship just right then revival will fall,” then the Father will withhold it. Not because he wants to leave people in the cold, but because he wants to make sure that his people are looking for Him. Right now, people who talk about revival sound more like people who asked a particular person to prom to make sure they could get invited to the after party, not out of any affection for the date.

So maybe God says “no.” Maybe there won’t be another revival in your lifetime. Maybe there won’t be another revival ever. What do you do now?