Why are you here?
I tell you
you’re looking for death
For darkness and sadness
In the dearth
In the dirt
In the dark night of this earth.
You hurt and seek comfort where there is no hurt
Where there is no pain
But neither is there comfort
Nor joy
Nor hope
Nor healing
Nor even being.
What you seek cannot be found where you look
You want darkness
To be alone
To face the darkest longest night at home
To be a stone
Barely being.
But you have come to the wrong place
There is no darkness in this cave
There is no despair
In the air
Not here.
No death in the earth
No darkness at dawn,
For it is dawn.
What you came looking for is not here,
But perhaps you found
Something better
Perhaps instead of finding what you wanted
Someone made sure you found what you needed.
Someone made sure you found what was right
In the light
In spite
Of your plight
Of your flight into darkness and isolation.
Darkness has no answers
Darkness holds no hope.
But here there is light
and life in the light
and joy in the light
and love in the light.
Will you come into the light?