Dare to imagine
To Create an image of vision in a dream
To weave into being
That vision of a dream you dared to imagine
Under the cold sterile lights of a cubicle.
in the unfeeling whiteness of lights painted in
Soul sucking fluorescent shades
Frightened voices speak in frightened whispers
Fearful of disturbing fearsome neighbors
Sunlight becomes a long forgotten friend
Left to fend for himself
It is there
that the crucible burns hottest.
It is there,
when the soul feels so lost and bereft
that it screams the loudest.
It is there
When the I cannot see myself as more than another face
In another crowd
In another place
When I can’t hear the noise for the silence
And when I can’t see the people for my loneliness
When I can’t see the light for the darkness
Nor the darkness for all my blindness.
It is then when my heart feels so much
That it refuses to feel at all
It is then when I must dare to imagine,
To dream
That yes, you are still with me.