I am starting up the blog again after a significant hiatus, so please excuse me if you are a dedicated reader and are getting bored with me repeating some of the same stuff over and over.

That being said, the longer I am in ministry and the more time I spend looking at my mistakes in ministry and life in general, I find more and more often that all of my screw ups come from the same place: I didn’t love first.  Maybe I didn’t love the person I was serving before I started serving him/her.  Maybe I got distracted from loving God and got caught up in just doing stuff (which happens ALL THE FREAKING TIME!!  You’d think I’d learn after a while).

Regardless of my mistake or where my love went awry, the fact is that I get into trouble when I fail to love first and decide to act or to serve first.  Why this is a big deal.

  1. God is love.  Without love I am operating without God. Can you say “bad idea“?
  2. Without love, service is not about people, it’s about a task or a job or a result.  Which do you think God is more interested in: results or people?  (cf Mt 10:29)
  3. Where is your heart?  Do you think the Father wants your works or your love? (cf lk 15:28-30)
  4. If we aren’t doing it out of love, then what’s the point?  I mean really, why bother?

One last note – if your answer to number 4 “why bother?” had anything to do with you.  say “that’s my ministry” or “that’s just the way I am” or “what will people say about me” then you are in a very dangerous place.  I’ve been in that place for the last six months or so and am only now realizing it and let me tell you a really hard truth: it isn’t about you.  It’s about Jesus.