When was the last time you celebrated? For me it was this morning. About two or three hours ago. I was driving into work, just cruising down the highway when I decided to change the music and celebrate in my car. Rolled down the windows, pumped up the bass and cranked up the volume to this song.


Why was I celebrating you might ask.

I was celebrating just because.

No seriously. I mean I’m blessed don’t get me wrong. I am alive and serving a loving God. My god loves me and takes care of me. I am saved. My family is healthy, I love my wife I have two great boys. Do I really need to go on?

I have a day job that I enjoy AND pays the bills. Ontop of that I get to serve my church.

If I look at the world I can get caught up on conflict in Europe, Asia, and Africa. I can worry about climate change or the degradation of moral values in America. As much as I pray over these things, I rejoice at how God has blessed me and even if he were to remove every single blessing he has bestowed upon me, I’d still party and celebrate because God is worthy.

When was the last time you partied?