There’s a song, a great song, and the chorus follows

As I wait, you make me strong
As I long, draw me to Your arms
As I stand, and sing Your praise
Won’t you come, Won’t you come
And fill this place?

It’s a beautiful song but something I have been talking about with my mentors and friends lately is, what does that mean?  What does it mean to ask Jesus, to ask the Father and the Holy Spirit to come to where we are and fill the place we occupy?

I don’t have a complete answer on this one but here is what I do have.

We might be asking for an emotional response but that is not what this is about.

For us crazy charismatic types, we talk about manifestations of the Spirit and we get all weepy when God comes close.  There’s euphoria that we’re close to the King.  There’s repentance and sadness when we look at our own sinfulness.  There’s joy and a warm fuzzy feeling knowing we are forgiven and loved.  We absolutely LOVE the emotional response, the sensationalism of the pressence of God.  And we are completely WRONG when that is all we care about.  An emotional resposnse is fine, but asking for God to show up just so we can feel good?  We’re basically treating God like a hit of heroine.  Call it a hunch I think he’s better than that.

We might be asking for intervention, but not so sure about that either.

Even you folks out there who aren’t a crazy charismatic like me have prayed and asked the Father to show up in a situation.  We pray for a pillar of fire to keep the egyptians away or for an angel to come and help us overcome.  We pray “Jesus Come…and help me out here!”  That’s awesome.  We need to ask for help.  We need to lean on our God and Father and we need to articulate our needs.  Once again however, that is different from simply standing and asking Him to COME.  If all we’re ever doing is asking for help, then we’re saying that our God is some kind of Cosmic Handyman, and that’s not quite right either.

Sometimes, not often but sometimes, we want to see and honor our God.

When was the last time you really wanted to just bow before God for no other reason than to say you did it?  Ever see Gladiator?  Remember how much a big deal it was for the Emperor to just touch a normal person?  What an honor to stand before the Emperor and kneel!  To have him touch you!  To have him speak to you!  How much more so to do that for our God?

I’m not at the third one.  I don’t sing “Jesus Come” meaning I want to bow before him.  I try that.  I work on it, but I’m not there with any kind of consistency.  More often I’m doing the cosmic handyman thing.  How about you?  What do you mean when you sing “Jesus Come”?