KeysI’ve said before that “The key to writing, is to write.”  The basic idea is that ifyou want to accomplish something, the most important thing you can do is to (in the words of an infamous advertisement) just do it.  In the case of writing, I can imagine a character.  I can dream up a plot line, I can even imagine a very complicated plot line with a character arc that looks more like a sine wave, but until I put pen to paper and actually start writing, all I have done is dreamed.  I am not a writer, just a dreamer.  Dreaming is good, but it isn’t writing.

In the same way, the key to prayer is to pray.

I can look at my dreams as instructions from God while I sleep, but without prayer I am merely a dream interpreter.

I can chronicle my wishes and desires, my pains and hurts in a journal, but without prayer I am a historian.  Maybe a biographer.

I can sit in silent meditation and listen for the voice of God, but without prayer I’m not all that different from any monk in the mountains listening for the Universe and waiting for enlightenment.

I can fast, take communion, worship on sundays, study scripture and do all the “stuff” that Christians do but without prayer, who am I really?

Because prayer, reall, true prayer is about an attitude.  Real prayer means my heart is actively yearning towards my heavenly father.  Real prayer is a heart that is actively searching for its home.  Sometimes that active drive towards God manifests in dream interpretation or journaling or meditation or anything else, but what a stupid mistake it is when I mistake the external acts for an internal attitude.

Real prayer is something that I’ve been missing for… probably close to a year.

This post is not for you.  Sorry, i know it seems kind of stupid to blog about something and tell the reader that they can ignore it but I’m that kind of guy. and this post really isn’t for you.  this post is for me.

To remind me that if I really want to pray, if I really want to get back in the game, the key to doing it, is to simply do it.