There is an assumption that physical proximity leads to knowledge and understanding.  Now one of my love languages is physical touch so I am one of those folks who needs to be told that I have made that assumption, and believe me I have.  If you’re a Star Trek nerd like me, you may recall that scene in First Contact where Picard makes a big deal about touching the ship that would later take the first warp flight.  It’s like touching the original declaration of independence or the Gutenberg bible.  There’s something great and wonderfully reassuring about being able to touch and feel the artifacts that bear some kind of significance to us.

In the same way there is an definite value to being able to touch a person with whom we are in a relationship.  I don’t mean a romantic relationship but any kind of relationship.  I like being able to hug my friends, shake a co-workers hand, kiss my wife and fist bump my 1 year old son (yeah that last one is super fun.  just sayin).

So of course we also want to touch the God with whom we have a relationship.  Like the song says “I want to touch you, I want to see your face, I want to know you more.”

I’m going to explore this concept a little bit more over the rest of this week focusing on three different perspectives/categories of touch and specific bible verses that go along with it.

Touching the Father – exodus 25:12-15; 1 Samuel 5 and 2 samuel 6:6-7

Touching the Spirit – Acts 2:1-4; 8:9-20

Touching the Son – Psalm 2:11-12; Mark 5:24-34; John 20:15-18

I’m not sure what conclusions the study of these passages will bring, but I’m excited to find out.  Also, I’m very much up to hearing any suggestions of other passages to study in this context.  Recommendations anyone?