awardSo half of you are thinking you’re going to get a great story about the humble award that means the most to me and then watch as I somehow turn that to Christ.  Maybe you’re right I’m still writing the post, so let’s find out.

My sister runs a blog over at Teach the Teacher where she talks about all the fun stuff she does and goes through as a teacher with two dogs, and a whole whole whole lot of food alergies 😉 (Yes Yuri that was more a jibe at you than information for anyone who might read this).  Well anyways, my darling sister nominated me for the great and information Liebster award.  Liebster is a german word that translates as “dearest.”  this is kind of like a way for bloggers to force some link love, but also a way for the community of smaller bloggers to encourage and love one another.

Now part of this particular award is that I have to answer 11 questions my sister threw at me so here they are.

  1. Favorite dessert: Flan
  2. Snail mail or email?: E-mail.  Love letters and such- that can go in snail mail or hand delivery but generally e-mail.
  3. Somewhere you dream of traveling: Spain – I’d love to go on a pilgrimage of the ancient monastaries and such that were built during the reconquest (as horrific a period of time that was)
  4. Favorite meal to make: Christmas Dinner.
  5. Most memorable pet: Sparky – we had to put her down when the neighbors dropped rat poinson in our yard.
  6. Favorite quote: Jesus Wept – John 11:35
  7. Besides writing, is there another creative outlet you use? : …. um….. well…. is it wrong to describe Teaching as a creative outlet?
  8. Preferred reading genre: sci-fi fantasy and Christian non-fiction if it’s an audiobook.
  9. Favorite piece of technology: Tablet.
  10. Something you can’t live without: A beating heart
  11. Preferred beverage: Coffee.

Now I’m supposed to nominate 11 others with fewer than 200 subscribers or something but here’s what I’m going to do instead to my fewer than 200 readers: find your “Dearests” and tell them that you appreciate them today.  Just send them a quick note thanking them for what they’ve done, if you can be really specific that would be best, but the spirit of the Liebster Award is for bloggers to tell each other “hey, I’ve been reading you’re work if no one else has and I want you to know you do good work.”

So you may disagree with most everything I’ve written on this blog, you may be trolling for extremist Christian views that you can argue with me about (yeah been there done that have the posts to prove it) but I think we can all agree that everyone could use a little extra encouragement.  So why not today?

Thanks reader, and be blessed… or encouraged if you prefer.  Or both.