As i drove into work this morning I heard a report on NPR about the increasing US demographic of people who do not identify with a particular religion or faith.  The latest study suggests that this group comprises 20% of the us population.  You can read highlights from the particular interview I will be discussing here.

On the broadcast they had six young men and women who believed at one time or had a history of faith but fell away during crises and my heart broke for these people.  One of the young men had a tattoo on his left wrist that read a cruce salus, latin for ‘salvation by the cross’.  He got it when he found god at 18 but he doesn’t talk about the particulars of his loss.  Others talk about how personal tragedy just pulled them away from their faith.

I was driving in my car shouting at the radio/God “Where was the church! Where was Your church! Where was the support structure and community for these people!”


And God clearly spoke to me, “The work is plenty, the workers few.”

Today and probably for many days i will write ‘a cruces salus’ n my left hand to show that the church is here and we do not abandon anyone.

Church, we cannot afford to leave the work of evangelism to those gifted few, and we cannot afford to leave the care of our brothers and sisters to pastors ad elders.  Please join me in solidarity with all these young people and write “a cruce salus” on your hand.  Then when someone asks you about it, I challenge you to be open and straightforward about your faith.  Because 1 out of every 5 people  is 1 too many.

Also, if you do decide to join me, please take a picture of the words on your hand and post to fb or twitter or wherever you are.  You can feel free to link back here for an explanation if you like.  If you  comment that you did it, I’ll add you to a collage of images I’ll be making at the end of the week.

Many blessings everyone.