I don’t like watching TV. There are some shows I really like and currently I’m pretty fixated by Once Upon a Time, but overall and in general I don’t like watching TV, because I don’t like watching commercials.

And no, it isn’t because I get bored with them (although that’s also true).  The big reason I dislike commercials is because they are made by marketing people who are good at their jobs: getting me to buy stuff.  The buying stuff isn’t the bad part.  I like to think I do my part of helping the economy with my consumer spending.  But the marketing is a trap!  IT’S A TRAP!  Marketing is desinged so to completely entrance the consumer that he or she can’t help but buy stuff.  And it works -I become so fascinated with the things I want to buy I totally forget to be thankful for the things I have. 

Example: the Lenovo Yoga ultrabook.  That thing looks AWESOME.  I totally want one.  I could make superman jokes about it all day long, “Look my desk! It’s a laptop, it’s a tablet! No, it’s an ULTRABOOK!” But consider, I received an iPad 2 as a gift about a year ago and recently destroyed it in a moment of inattention.  I go into the office the next day and my boss hands me another tablet for use with work, but if I’m going to hang onto it anyways, I might as well use it for personal stuff as well.

Not only is the blessing I received totally awesome because I was using my iPad for just about everything (I scoff at those who say you can’t work on a tablet), but it’s a tool to use in ministry from my secular work place.  If you do not see God’s hand at work blessing me here shoot me an e-mail because we need to talk.

My point is that I have been so caught up in the hype of the windows 8 ultrabooks and just how awesome they LOOK (I haven’t even tried one out yet) that I’ve almost completely forgotten how awesome God has been to me on this level.  I have a great tablet that works incredibly well.  AND I can work on it!  How can I not be thankful for this blessing?  How can I just take it and then ask for more?

It’s interesting to look at the word “remember” in scripture.  When God remembers something awesome happens (eg God remembers his people in Egypt).  When people remember God something awesome happens eg (2 Chron 7:14).  But when people forget?  Check out the book of judges, because that’s what happens when we forget how greatly the Lord has blessed us.