I had one of those LIVESTRONG yellow bracelets and I’ve used it for the longest time to help myself with sin and any weird kind of emotional spin-outs.  I felt tempted and I would pull the elastic bracelet and let it sting my wrist.  I felt like I was about to go into a spiral of depression and I would pull the elastic and let it sting my wrist.  I was losing my temper and I would let the bracelet sting my wrist.  The idea was that the physical pain would help snap me out of the pattern of behavior and thought.  It worked pretty well too.

Yesterday I pulled my bracelet and it broke.  I didn’t think too much about it, things break around me.  This not new (just ask my mom).  Yet when I made a mental note to find a replacement I very clearly heard the Lord in my spirit say “no.”


“No.  Will you trust a bracelet to keep you on track, or will you trust Me?”

Now that stung because it was very true.  That yellow piece of rubber had become a safety net that I could control and the Lord was asking me to stop trusting in myself and my own devices and to really truly trust Him.  Because when I don’t trust him, I’m basically saying that God isn’t big enough or God isn’t good enough to take care of me.  He doesn’t care enough to worry about my little problems.  I say “you cannot possibly Reign as Lord” when I trust in myself and my own devices.

So now, rather than slap my wrist and snap out of my funk, I ask a simple question “who reigns?”

If I can say “God does.” Then I can follow that up with “and he can take care of this. He can take care of me.”

So ask yourself, “who reigns?”