I heard a report on the radio today that 58% of people admit to having had one or more one night stands.  For those of you who aren’t as worldly as I am, that means they went to a bar or some other gathering place for single people and found someone they could take home for a night of casual sex with no expectation of seeing that person again.

Of those who admitted to having a one night stand, 79% were male and 21% were female.

At first this report surprised me.  I was under the impression that my generation was perhaps MORE eager for stable relationships and less likely to engage in casual sex although the percentages remain close (say only 45% seek casual sex).

So out of curiosity I did a bit of research on this statistic to see where it came from, see if there was any interesting demographic trends, how many people declined to take the survey that kind of thing.

Turns out the survey was taken by Adam & Eve: “America’s most trusted Adult Store.”  And it was run off their website.

Let’s face it, that’s kind of like having a mega church run a survey on their website asking how many people have shared their faith in the past week.

Is this an interesting fact? Does it tell us something about the population surveyed? Yes absolutely, but I’d hardly call this a trend in American culture.  Side note – this also explains why men seem to be over represented in this survey as men are more likely to go online to buy something from an adult webstore than women.

This is one reason why Jesus instructs us to “be as shrewd as serpents and as harmless as doves.” (Matthew 10:16).  We are sheep among wolves, we are in the world and if we aren’t careful we can easily confuse valid information with Truth.