When I listen to the radio I hear two things, a fact that probably says more about me than it does about the music but there you go.

People want to be loved

Most people don’t know what love is

This is a long held belief of my own that has largely been supported by the ever increasing confusion between romance and unbridled promiscuity.  Now realize I don’t have a problem with sexuality – I have a problem with promiscuity.  Feel free to check out Wikipedia to look up the difference.  But you look at some of the songs that are hitting the top 100 charts and you have songs like Call Me Maybe by  Carly Rae Jepsen, or One More Night by Marron 5 and there doesn’t appear to be a differentiation between real, affectionate relationships and superficially sexual relationships.

Now I believe that American culture needs to come to terms with its own sexuality and stop acting like a child who just discovered the candy jar one minute and puritanical legalists in the next, however it must be done in the context of establishing and recognizing how to maintain healthy interpersonal relationships.

I point now to the woman at the well (John 4 specifically 16-18) who had all kinds of relationship issues.  The woman had been married five times (and divorced five times) and was busy shaking up with some random guy who apparently was uninterested in marrying her.  Almost sounds like a modern day pop star.  Yet despite all the relationship issues, and despite the sin she was struggling with, Jesus’ response was to stay and talk with her.  To be with her and show her what real love looks like, and how a real relationship works.

So instead of flying off the handle about the decaying state of American culture I would like to ask a very simple question: who do you need to love today?