So my wife has been watching Supernatural starting at season 1.  By the time Season 4 rolls around the writes decide it’s time to bring God into the picture.  If you aren’t familiar with the TV series, Supernatural follows two brothers as they travel around the country repatriating demons to hell… or blowing them into oblivion.  I’m not sure which but you get the idea.

Two Demon hunting brothers + lots of Demon possessed people to deal with = Supernatural.

Oh, and even though there’s all this evil stuff floating around, the viewer is left to believe that the only good in the world comes from the flawed people who inhabit t until season 4 when an angel fishes one of the brothers (Dean) out of Hell and claims he did it “Because God Commanded it.”

Dean struggles with the question of evil in the world given a supreme power of good as well as the implications of his new angelic allies while his brother goes to get some food for them.  “Don’t forget the pie” Dean says.

Now I’m going to ignore all my theological objections to the TV series (it’s entertainment not education after all) but I think there’s something powerful about Dean’s response here.  Compare to 2 Samuel 12:16-20.

King David is desperately fasting and praying that God will spare his son and when the child dies David gets up, washes himself and eats something.  He goes on living saying in verse 23 “Can I bring him back again? I’ll go to him, but he will never return to me.”

Let’s not pretend we know the why’s behind the things that hurt us.  Let’s not throw out empty platitudes of “the lord works in mysterious ways” or any other scripture.  Life can hurt, it can hurt a lot.  But life goes on.  So don’t forget the pie.