Graham Cooke is noted as having suggested that the Christian cherishes the fight that comes with establishing the Kingdom of God and pursuing the Father.  He himself proclaimed that he enjoys and looks forward to the fight against dinky little demons and self-inflated principalities.  He waits for the moment of victory.

This can obviously be taken the wrong way and I’m certain that many people have.  But there’s a deep truth embedded here that is easily missed.  It’s easily missed because people, men especially but people in general, tend to think that a fight is a big affair that requires effort and training and blood spatter and weapons and maybe a really cool stop-motion camera…. Or maybe that’s just me but you get the idea.

Let me help you with this idea in a way that the Lord helped me with it.  Imagine if you will two armies: the Army of God and the army of darkness (not the movie).  We march now in the army of God, we are in the center column, shoulder to shoulder following Jesus as he leads us into battle.  We see the hordes of unspeakable evil arrayed before us.   We begin to reach for sword and shield, we prepare to set the lines and brace ourselves for the order to charge or else stand our ground in the face of the onslaught.  But then against, all reason Jesus tells us to throw down our weapons and lift up our voices.

A good soldier obeys.

Weapons fall, and voices are raised in praise and prayer.  The Father himself steps onto the battlefield and we see the kingdom established all around us as the enemy hordes fall into disarray and vanish as little more than dust in the wind.

We are in the center column of the Army of God and we are aggressing against the Kingdom of Darkness, but not with sword and spear.  Instead we establish the kingdom; we seek the presence of our Father and turn our eyes only to Him who is worth of our attention.

Thirst for battle my friends.  Only remember that the fight is over entering his presence.  Make sure you advance the line in the right direction.