There’s a show on A&E called “Hoarders.”  It is a documentary style TV series that takes a look at households that have serious issues getting rid of things.  And not a “let’s build a barn out back to store some of this stuff” kind of thing but is in fact a serious mental disorder that causes significant distress and sometimes physical pain to a person who is trying to throw something away.  It could be legitimate trash, I’m talking about food scraps, that the person just cannot part with.

I have a real hard time watching this show for two reasons.  1) I hate to see people in such desperate need of healing and just as equally desperate to avoid it.

2) It reminds me of me.

Don’t kid yourself, chances are you’re in the same boat as me but maybe you don’t notice it as acutely.  The thing is, how much of my pre-Jesus life do I continue to hold onto?  How much garbage from the past do I simply refuse to throw away?  How many times has Grace dropped by the house and offered to help me clean it all up only for me to say “nah I don’t need Grace, I’m moving on from this.”

I don’t know about the rest of you, but my life sometimes resembles the home of a hoarder – cluttered beyond imagining with sin, regret, and fear.  Sometimes I get it cleaned up.  I thank God for grace and the cross that help me do it.  But sometimes I backslide.  Sometimes it’s hard to keep it clean.  I want to  be honest on this one because it’s all too easy to sit back and watch someone from a place of judgement.

“I don’t understand how they can live that way.”

“why can’t they just clean up?”

Sometimes I even dare to admit that I have issues but then I look at others and say “at least I’m not as bad off as them.”

No more.  I’m a sinner, and one of the worst.  My body, a temple to Christ is as cluttered and messed up as the home of any hoarder.  But I still have grace, I still have the Cross, and I have never been more thankful for it.