Dear People,

Now there’s a lot I don’t understand.  Let me be honest.  I don’t understand how a bunch of positively charged protons can remain in constant proximity since the similar charges should blow them apart.  After constantly having people explain it to me I don’t understand how nuclear fission works and I really don’t get the concept behind cold fusion although it sounds really cool.  I don’t understand how a perfect God can love an imperfect me. I don’t understand why some people need the bible to be 100% historically accurate and I don’t understand why evolution is at odds with a biblical worldview.

What really kills me though, what I really don’t understand, is why people hate me so much.

And by people I am overgeneralizing so that I can include right wing conservatives who seem to be interested in nothing more than condemning the age we live in, and the left wing liberals who seem to condemn anything requiring any kind of faith or submission to authority.

Because the thing about being the kind of person I am, is that when right wingers condemn the lost, they are condemning me.   I want women to have control of their own bodies and I want to show every one of them the love of the Father.  I want men to be free to love other men, and then show them the love of the Father.  Is it sin? That’s the wrong question to ask.  Did the Father ask us to love them regardless? Yes.  This makes me a target for the far right bent on bending the world to its understanding of a biblical worldview.

At the same time, I love my brothers and sisters. Some are just as misguided as the age they condemn but I love them anyways.  So when the left condemns them, they condemn me.  Sometimes they condemn the faith instead of the actions and they condemn me.  They say “Jesus is a zombie and his followers misguided cultists” while I sit right there in front of them.

“No,” my friends might say on either side of the spectrum. “You’re not like them, you’re different.”

“No.” I reply.  “I’m not.  Because if you didn’t know me, you’d say the exact same things about me.”

I’m not saying this is a kumbaya moment and we need to all sit down by the campfire and just talk it out (although I don’t think it’s a bad idea) I’m just asking for a bit of prudence on both sides of the argument because you aren’t throwing stones at a mob, or a faceless crowd of misguided [insert whatever descriptive noun you like here].  You’re throwing them at people.  Namely me.

And I grow weary with being hated for all that I knew it would come.

With deepest love,


The above letter is one that I wrote in the midst of deep prayer ove the topics discussed.  It started out as coming from me, but as I wrote and began to edit the letter, i felt compelled to remind myself and others of the truth.  I am the pen, the instrument, not the author. (and I apologize if anything is clearly counter to accepted doctrine and hope that it can be ignored in favor of the greater theme)