There’s a line from a Casting Crowns song (at least I think it’s casting crowns) that references Matthew 7:24-27.  The artist sings “I’ll take a shack on a rock, over a castle on the sand.”  The idea is that a firm foundation in Christ and his words provide the kind of foundation that allows the house built upon it to withstand “trails of many kinds.”  And yet, I’m not interested in a shack on a rock.  I’m just not.  I’m not interested in a castle on the sand either.  I’m interested in the Castle that my Father is going to build when His kingdom comes.

A castle on a rock.

Now I’m also convinced that when Jesus chased out the money changers screaming “My Father’s house should be a house of prayer” that he was sending a message that the Father’s house, that castle on a rock, will not only be a place where prayer occurs, but one in which the foundation and the brick and mortar used to build it are all comprised of the deep prayers of the Body of Christ.  I’m not the first person to say this, so don’t think this is some deep new revelation that the Father has given me, but it is a growing conviction that has grown in me.

What has also become a deep conviction in me is that the foundation, whether it is a foundation of prayer, or family values, or the odd affinity for foreign films, it is a foundation that is first laid at home.  I cannot afford to participate in laying a foundation of prayer at church without doing the same at home for a very simple reason: my home will wash away.

Go ahead and read Matthew 7:24-27.  If I lay a foundation of prayer at church, if I help start small groups and prayer meetings, if I join the prayer team every Sunday morning at 9 AM to pray for the service, but do not carry a lifestyle of prayer throughout the week in my own home, then my home will be washed away with the rising tide and I won’t be able to help in the Kingdom work because I’ll be too busy cleaning up the mess.  If every home is washed away while trying to build a foundation for the church, then what will it matter?  Everyone will be too busy  cleaning up the pieces to look around and ask the Father what he’s doing.

So I want a castle on a rock, but I need to make sure my humble little shack is up there first.