“This above all else: to thine own self be true.” Hamlet Act I ScIII

“Know Thyself” The Oracle at Delphi

Do you find it interesting that the Bible doesn’t really talk about self-realization?  The western church talks a lot about “identity in Christ” and what it means to be a child of God and what that means for us as individuals, but I found very little scripture that could compare to the age old wisdom of my friend Polonius.   The reason I bring it up, I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve made some changes to the old blog here.

I changed the name, the look, pretty much everything except the content.  That’s because the content is right where it needs to be and the rest of the page needed to match.

I was going to say that this was a moment of being true to myself, and realizing who I’ve been called to be and to step up in that.  Essentially all I’m doing is realizing that Peter was a fisherman when Jesus said “come and follow me.”  He wasn’t a seminarian.  He wasn’t a great leader of men.  He was a fisherman.  So I need to stop pretending that I’m some kind of great inspirational type, and realize that I’m just the guy writing what he hears.

A storyteller? Perhaps.

A pen? The tool that the Father uses to write? Definitely.