At a evangelism training workshop that only five people attended, the teacher started off by asking “how many people do you want to save?”  He got the following answers…. Or She got the following answers…. I’m not sure who the teacher was but that’s beside the point.  The five people attending gave the following answers.

  • One
  • Six
  • Three
  • A dozen
  • A million.

Now I have a certain level of intense respect and admiration for the person who said “one.”  That person came to this training because there was one specific person that he/she (I only heard the story once ok? Give me a break) wanted to bring to Christ.  I feel that.  I get that.

But you have to love the weirdo who is in a class with five people saying he wants to personally see a million people won to Christ.  Now that’s dreaming big.  That’s fishing with a net.  That’s a mustard seed moving a mountain.  And what’s especially awesome about this one is that it never occurred to him (yes it’s a “him” and I’ve met him)  that God wouldn’t step in to make it happen.  It never occurred to him to take a step back from this big dream that he just blurted out for no reason he could understand  even when the others just kind of laughed off his dream as youthful enthusiasm.

But aren’t we supposed to be childlike? Aren’t we supposed to come to the father with childlike faith? Doesn’t that include coming to him and saying things like “Hey Papa? When will the president and his cabinet come to service?” Not, “can you bring him” not “could you please..” but “when.”

When will your spirit bring revival?

When will your spirit bring awakening?

When will we see a million people saved in a single month?

In a week?

In a day?

Now that’s dreaming big.