Evangelism & intercession are two great examples of spiritual gifts I do not have.  I do not experience an incontrollable urge to get on my knees and pray for hours on end.  My knees much prefer to be stretched out on the recliner.  In the same way I do not experience an indescribable burning in my gut or tearing in my heart that requires me to pray.  I just don’t.  These are the marks of an intercessor.

I do not turn every conversation to salvation.  I do not teach salvation every time I teach.  When I talk to people casually I usually start off with “HI my name is Sage,” and not “Hi, do you know Jesus?” I do not have a supernatural gifting of evangelism. Just one of those things.

Even if we take the gift of evangelism to talk about an ability rather than an attitude, I’ve met evangelists.  These are the guys and girls who open their mouths to talk about the weather and have hordes of people rushing to accept Christ.  I’m not that guy.

And I’m willing to bet that you aren’t that person either.  Yet, we are called to it.

In much the same way that David was not a warrior (he was a king and worshiper), he was called to fight Goliath.

Paul was not an intercessor (he was an apostle, an evangelist, and a pastor) yet he prayed continually.

Isaiah was not a prophet – he was a priest, a man dedicated to the worship of God who was given the chance to be a prophet.  And given the chance he said “Hineini.  Shlah li.”  “Here I am. Send me.”

I am not an evangelist, but I have the opportunity to be one.  I am called to it.

I am not an intercessor, but I have the opportunity to be one.  I am called to it.

And so are you.

I told the Lord to send me a long time ago, but somehow managed to lose track of my marching orders.  So I’m picking it back up today and heading out.  “Hineini Adonai.  Shlah Li.”  Here I am Lord.  Send me.

You coming?