So I spent the weekend sick, and lying around the house wondering how in the world my especially wonderful wife managed take care of a baby feeling like this. And the. Just as I thought things couldn’t get any worse, because my throat is hurting, I’m coughing, I’m not feverish but I knew with a reasonable degree of certainty that it was only a matter of time, I lost all focus.
I mean I couldn’t watch tv or a movie even because I was just so out of it. But it also meant that any writing I wanted to do was officially on hold. And that means that on top of being sick- I was bored.
Good news is, I got better.

And this whole assembly will know that it is not by sword or by spear that the Lord saves, for the battle is the Lord’s. He will hand you over to us.” (1 Samuel 17:47 HCSB)

Victory is not something we have to strive for, but a birthright waiting to be claimed.