On Mondays, I always try and make a point of looking back over the weekend and seeing what I did.  I specifically look for good things that give me hope and joy.  And there was a lot that happened this weekend that I could look at.

But that’s also part of the problem.  SOOOOO much happened this weekend I can barely remember having a weekend!

Some of the Highlights:

  • My baby boy slept through the ENTIRE night (11pm=> 10am) with only one interruption at around 4am.  And he slept in his own room!
  • I got to reconnect with some friends that I hadn’t seen in … a long time. Lol
  • I was teaching on Sunday and God totally blessed me by keeping my feet out of my mouth.
  • I received the most awesome word of encouragement from one of the kids in my youth group.

This last one is the one that REALLY hit me.  Let me paint you a picture.

Sunday was the first time our church had any kind of “Youth Sunday” event.  So I, as the director of youth and student ministries was teaching, and the kids from the youth group and the older group from children’s ministry, all got together to pray during and after the service.  They all sat around a table and prayed “Lord, what do you want to tell the people here today?”  Then they drew pictures of what they thought they heard God saying, or wrote things down.  And afterwards they joined me and some of the other prayer ministry folks in laying hands on those who wanted prayer.

I received a great image with the following words on the back.

Don’t look at things as a whole and only see an ugly picture.  To only see the battles you faced in life and not the accomplishments?  You are HIS rose.  He knows your struggles and your darkest hours.  He breathed life to you and has an image and path you may understand but don’t forget: he has not forgotten you so don’t forget him.  Every rose has it’s thorns, but it’s up to you how you use those thorns.

If I told you who gave it to me, and told you about him/her you’d be even more surprised and perhaps understand what a blessing it is for me to receive it – from someone I’ve been pouring into no less!  But I also promised that I would keep the giver’s identity secret so I hope the words bless you as much as they bless me.