So I’ve started reading this manga called “Blue Exorcist.”   The basic concept is that this kid’s father is actually Satan, but rather than join the family business, the kid decides to join the ranks of elite exorcists and take down the Prince of Darkness.  Ignore for the moment that he was defeated at the Cross- that takes guts.  What I really want to talk about though is how scripture is used in this manga.

Background: in the world of “Blue Exorcist” there are five ways to fight demons: with a gun, with pharmacology, with a sword, by taming demons and turning them against one another, and by reciting scripture.

One of the exorcists in training is very serious about his work and is determined to master multiple methods of fighting demons, rather than specializing in a single technique.   His choices? A machine gun and scripture.  He is in fact so serious about his work, that while his classmates are struggling to memorize Psalm 30, and Mark 5, he’s already memorized half of psalms, the entire gospel of mark, and the entire gospel of John…. Oh, and it’s Old King James, complete with reciprocating prepositional phrases (not that I know if that’s a real thing, but if it was you know it would be in OKJ).

Now I’m not going to argue the usefulness of scripture in edifying ourselves or in taking our stand against whatever obstacles the Christian might face.  (cf Luke 4:1-13; Eph 6:10-18) What I’m going to ask, and what I’m totally convicted of myself is something entirely different.

If I believe in the power of scripture, why don’t I have more of it memorized?

Can you ask yourself the same question?

Are you good at memorizing scripture?  Any tips for someone who isn’t?