Without any deliberate thought I always sing worship songs to help my son to sleep at night.  His favorites are currently Amazing Grace, and All Who Are Thirsty.  An interesting and unintended side effect of this practice is that my boy has a really easy time falling asleep on Sunday mornings as our praise band lifts up its sounds to glorify the Lord.

The other interesting side effect of this practice is that I’ve been sleeping better at night.  I didn’t notice it at first because – well he’s still an infant and he does a great job waking me up at night.  But as I reflect on the quality of my sleep over the past couple of months, I have certainly been sleeping better.

I’m sure we can argue for days on end as to WHY my sleep is better, but as far as I can tell, only one thing has truly changed that might make a difference and that is worshiping every night before going to bed.

I didn’t worship at first, I just sang the songs, but lately I’ve been more deliberate about it, and I’ve been sleeping better.  I’ve been calling on the name of the Lord to fill the house and our bedrooms, and it is his presence that is granting me the peace to sleep well.  In his presence my spirit knows peace and my body can rest.

Good worship = good sleep.