I’m not sure I have a theme song.  I had one for the last half of 2011 and there are a lot of songs that I love don’t get me wrong.  Right at the top of the list are Skillet’s Rebrithing, Invasion, and You are my hope, along with Pillars For Love of the Game and Not without a fight.  And let’s not forget Thousand Foot Krutch Masquerade and Phenomenon.

But a theme song?  A song that I can flip my Itunes to and all of a sudden I am just inspired?

Now I have soundtracks and playlists that I run through when I’m given a certain task or I am in a certain mood that I need to get through in order to actually work on the thing that’s in front of me.  But one song that’s on all of these playlists is my theme song for 2012.

Pillar’s cover of Shine,  originally by Collective Soul.

Now the funny thing is that I didn’t know that Pillar didn’t write this song, but my excuse is that I spent most of the 90s living overseas.  But Shine reminds me that it isn’t about me, but Heaven’s light shining through me, around me, and onto me.

So what’s your theme song?