A baby is what keeps me up at night right now, but before the kiddo came along, and once he starts sleeping through the night and I get over my depravation, it was something else entirely.  It was an innocent enough question at first but the answer, as I explored it, and as I continue to explore it during my more intense moments of insomnia is rather harrowing.  The question was asked by someone in my youth group.

“What happened on the seventh day?”

My gut response was to answer this question with a question.  “What does scripture say?”

The kid answered “It looks like Eve ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and evil.”

What?! WHAT?! No.  It says “and He rested on the seventh day from all his work that he had done.” Gen 2:2 right there black and white!

And yet, I don’t know the fall DIDN’T happen on the seventh day.  What does it mean, if the single most catastrophic event in the history of faith, original sin, occurred only because God was resting, and his absence allowed room for sin to enter the world.

Now the good news is that all we need to do to stay away from sin and be holy is be in the presence of the Lord and pursue his presence.  The bad news is what happens if God decides to rest again? Has he rested since?  There’s a three hundred year gap between the last prophecies in the Old Testament and the birth of Christ – was God resting during that time?

What about the Inquisition? The Holocaust? 9/11?  Was God resting then?

Is He resting now?

I don’t think so.  We only need to look around to see him at work. We can be still and hear his voice echo through the ages to us and be reassured that his word is still good and our God is faithful, he will not repent from his promises most notably “I will not leave your or forsake you”.  And usually this is enough to get me back to sleep.  This is enough for me to train my eyes to Jesus and walk in some degree of confidence.

Because while God may have rested back at the end of Creation, He is always at work, and he is always doing new things, and he will not forsake me.