I’ve talked about the body of Christ before, and I’ve talked about how we all have a role to fill.  This is meant as encouragement for people who feel like they have nothing to offer or people who have never had a place or mission to really call their own.

In other words, people like me.

But here’s the catch – you have to accept the role and the place.  And this is something I have not done very well lately.  You see, I’ve been buried in the ideas of the kind of person I want to be.  It’s a very long list that has all kinds of baggage attached to it but I’ll save you the hassle of reading through it and give you the bottom line: I want to be someone worthwhile.

Now anyone who said that to me would probably receive a “you’ve got to be kidding me” kind of look that would then be followed up with a “you are worth it.  Christ died for you because you are worth it and you somehow think you know better than your Father in Heaven?”  But actions belie the façade and I am forever trying to prove to no one other than myself that I’m not just a waste of space.  So I’ve started ministries, run events, pushed to do more and more.  I’ve struggled to lead and make good choices and make meaningful impressions on others; I’ve been terrified of showing up before Jesus and hearing him say “depart from me you worker of iniquity for I never knew you”; I’ve created goals for myself based on what others have told me because nothing I ever thought of seemed good enough.

But the basic truth here, is that a toe that tries to act like a thumb will only bring grief to the rest of the body.  The heart can’t breathe and the liver can’t beat.  The spleen can’t digest food, but the stomach doesn’t produce antibodies.  Whatever else I may be, I’m a writer.  This may seem obvious to you, but I always saw it as a kind of side deal.  Now I realize that it’s more of a focal point for me, and it’s freeing to be able to focus like that and really take up the role in the body that’s been set aside for me, rather than try to re-invent the wheel and carve out some new place.